OpenKM in different languages from the same installation.

OpenKM can be adapted to the language of each user. They can set the default language of their session from the access interface.


When they are  logged they can also change the language from the Tools menu. OpenKM charges automatically the translation that affect all sections and areas of OpenKM.

The Administrator can find all the information required to manage this feature in the OpenKM Knowledge Center. There they also can find  available  the language package with more than 35 translation of the document management system.


For more information, we invite you to have a look on the video available on the OpenKM Channel. You can always contact us.


OpenKM – Statistics button: making things easy for the IT Manager

The Statistics button in OpenKM let the Administrator know the contents of the document management system and how resources are being used both software and hardware. For instance, if the IT manager wants to know the effect of major they can see in real time the effects that this task causes in the application and servers.

statistics 1

In OpenKM we can also determine the events held as part of the action and those who, by their resource consumption, is better manage them in background.

To highlight this, we show the  Pending task queue and Text extraction queue. These features let a  better management of the media, which helps extend the life of servers and computers.

statistics2 statistics3

For more information we recommend watching the video available on the OpenKM Channel  or contact us


OpenKM – Report’s management

In OpenKM we can create reports regarding any aspect interesting to us.


In the OpenKM Knowledge Center, there are  information and resources about this feature, available for professional users. Even we can download reports, ready to use in our EDRMS.

reports 3

Within OpenKM, the Administrator can establish the access to reports, inserting  in the user’s profile, reports that are relevant to their functions.
Besides, the Administrator can test the reports in the Administration panel, before deliver the reports to the staff.

For more information, we advice you have look on the report’s video, available in the OpenKM channel.


OpenKM presents the new AutoCAD viewer

As part of improving the functionality of the OpenKM Document Management Suite, a new module for handling of AutoCAD drawings is now publicly available.

The module is developed around the CADViewer Pro viewing component.

It allows AutoCAD DWG drawings to integrate directly within the OpenKM Document Management and Records Management Suite.

autocad 1

Complex drawing relationships are fully retained within OpenKM. When users uploads AutoCAD DWG drawings, the system will scan for xRefs (external reference files) within the DWG drawing. It will check against the current set of drawings, if any external references are present. If not, it will query the user to upload the missing AutoCAD reference files. It then builds an internal structure within OpenKM similar to the originating server.

Metadata and text are extracted out of AutoCAD drawings and drawings are made available for searching within OpenKM.


The CAD module therefore provides great efficiency for corporations wanting to search on all resources on a subject including CAD files.

All drawings are graphically represented with a thumbnail and can be previewed in detail online. The drawings are visible directly through the OpenKM preview panel.

For more information, please have a look on the following video, that show the  features that the new AutoCAD module provides.

For pricing and obtaining the CAD module, please contact OpenKM Sales,

OpenKM – It is already available the Two Factor Authentication

OpenKM presents the Two – Factor Authentication; provided by OpenKM and Google Authenticator.

The 2FA is a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different components:

  • Something that user knows : OpenKM’s loging and password.
  • Something that user has: token from Google Authenticator app.

We are use to log in OpenKM with our loging and password.


Now  with the 2 factor authentication, the OpenKM user will need the loging and password and also, the 6 digits one-time password that user will see in their movile phone, in order to enter in the E.D.R.M.S.


Therefore, the organisation enjoys a higer security level.

In the following links, there are information about how install and use the 2FA on iPhone and Android.

OpenKM let set relations among documents

In OpenKM we can link documents based on any relationship.

3 types of relationships are considered:

  • Equivalence: to represent symmetrical relations
  • Parent – child / Child – parent: to represent the origin of  or  the source of.
  • Multiple: to represent relationships among files.

The links can be setted among any file within OpenKM. To do this, the admin panel has the Relations button, to freely define the relationships that documentation can develop in our organization.


Once the relationships has been defined, in the OpenKM Desktop we can make use of the Relations tap, in the Properties panel of any file, and set the relation required.


For more information, please have a look on the Relations video, available in the OpenKM Channel.


Metadata: Meaning and utility

The metadata are data that provide information about other data.

It is a powerful tool to increase the information of a document and find it quickly.

In the Administration Panel of OpenKM we find the feature dedicated to management of the Metadata of the organisation.


In it, the administrator can see the definition of metadata.

The Edit button allows you access  to the definition in order to edit the metadata. These are organised in groups and are defined in XML language.


In the OpenKM Knowledge Center, the proffessional users has all the information necessary to define and analyze the metadata components.

For more information, please have a look on the Metadata video, to see an example of use and creation of Metadata

OpenKM: how manage the user list

In OpenKM we can manage the list of users easily.

In the Administration panel, through the Authentication button we access to:
– the complete list of members of the instance.
– the list of group of users.
– the list of users logged in real time.
– The message queue: the application can send email notifications to users.
In Authentication we can create new users, assign roles to users regarding  their responsibilities and duties; and assign the profile that allows them to meet their own position requirements.

Besides, the Administrator has access to the management of other features available to users:
– Email management from OpenKM; the user can access different email addresses by setting filters and rules for archiving emails.
– Twitter accounts management: the user can access your twitter account through OpenKM

Other features that facilitate the Administrator management are:
– Activity Log: offering a full audit of what the user is doing in real time.
– The force mail import button; to force the update of the inboxes mails at the time that suits you.

To show in more detail the possibilities OpenKM offers, here we provide you a brief video explaining the  management of the  Authentication button.


OpenKM newsletter

We are very excited to inform about the launch of OpenKM official new website 
 We have updated the entire OpenKM website with new responsive design, sections and contents. OpenKM website.

Also available new training courses in video fomat
 We have started to producing training video. Profile management spanish and english videos. Follow us at our YouTube channel to be periodically updated.
New features are incorporated in newest versions 

Comparison between two versions of a document
 From historical preview you can compare the differences between two versions of a document. Watch spanish and english videos.

Text Extracted extension
 Text extracted extension help you to review the text extracted from the document content. Watch spanish and english videos.

SDK for .NET 1.1.1
 Discover the new update of the SDK for .NET version 1.1.1 here. As you know it allows to create solutions ad hoc in a easy way.

OKMScanner version 2.1
 Now you can download OKMScanner version 2.1.
OKMScanner version 2.2 ( Professional )
 You can get it from OpenKM Professional download center.

OKMDigitalSignatureClient version 2.0 ( Professional )
 You can get it from OpenKM Professional download center.

SDK for Java 2.4 ( Professional )
 Discover the new update of the SDK for Java version 2.4 here. Implement OpenKM integrations easily.

MS Addon 6.2.1 ( Professional )
 Now supports MS Office 2013. You can get it from OpenKM Professional download center.
Joomla Explorer ( Professional )
 A new Joomla Explorer v2.0.5 has been released. You can get it from OpenKM Professional download center.

Joomla Explorer ( Community )
 A new Joomla Explorer v2.0.4 has been released. You can get it from here.

OKM Invoicing module ( Professional )
 A new extension that allows to manage the invoicing department including the supplier relationship through a personalized UI.
OKM CMS ( Professional )
 Offers a content management system to provide a flexible environment where collaborate with any external users. Check an implementation at Documentation Center.

 Company: BIRD CONSULTORES  based in El Salvador.
 Company: MEBLATAM based in Brasil.
 Company: SOLUTIONSAAS based in Canada.
 Company: SITA based in Guatemala.
 Company: CONNAISSANT based in India.
 Company: DIGITALIZA based in Paraguay.
 Company: ETHICS CONTROL based in Ecuador.


OpenKM let customize the UI to meet the user needs

In companies each employee develops  differents tasks and responsabilities. In addition, organisations need to maintain relationships with many agents; training centers, subcontractors, public bodies… and of course, their customers.

organigram profiles blog post

What we can do to provide each user what they need?

In OpenKM we can customize and tailor the user interface according to the profile of each user.

As administrator, we have access to all menus, privileges and functionalities. From Profiles button, in Administration Panel, we can  enable the options and features that each user need to perform their tasks; meeting the objetctives and policies of the organization.

profile button administration panel

For more information, please have a look on the Profiles Management video to see how easy is to personalize the UI in OpenKM